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Contalketech IP67 Waterproof Walkie Talkie
September 21, 2018

When go for a kayaking, sailing, fishing or any water-based movements, or working in heavy rain and terrible weathers, regular radios will not be able to work in these circumstances and what user need, is IP67 waterproof two way radio. Waterproof two way radio could not only withstand splashes water or falling droplets of radio, but also could also be submersed in water for certain time without losing their functionality. So waterproof two way radio is essential in some scenarios and ContalkeTech IP67 waterproof walkie talkie could provide various options to fulfill your needs.

CTET-6710 is one of best selling waterproof radio this year due to its outstanding performance. It is with rugged robust shell for withstand any external forces as well as droplets or splash of water. And it is with 10W high power output for long range talk, which is rare in the market. The SOS function allow user to send emergency signal to outside if any accidents.

CTET-6703 is another model from ContalkeTech Co.,Ltd. Which is designed specifically for waterproof purpose. It could reach the standards of anti-immersion for 30 min and with speaker automotive wave remover. For this model, 3W output and 5W output could be customized and multiple colors are available as well.

Well, in some countries, analog radios are no longer popular and digital radio is required in the same scenarios. ContalkeTech Co.,Ltd. is also dedicated to waterproof DMR projects and models like CTET-310, CTET-380 etc. have already passed the rigorous waterproof test of authoritative institutions.

If you are interested in the details or specs of these radios, pls. do not hesitate to contact with ContalkeTech for more information.

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