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Best IP67 Waterproof DMR Radio|UHF Radio|VHF Marine Radio

  When go for a kayakinh, sailing, fishing or any water-based movements, or working in heavy rain and terrible weathers, regular radios will not be abl...

What is ATEX radio and what is the different with Intrinsically Safe Radio?

Recently there are some clients come us for inquiring ATEX radio and Intrinsically Sate radio, here we introduce briefly about it. Q: What is ATEX radio or ...

ContalkeTech Gateway to realize the communication between POC and DMR

After clients purchase large quantity of POC radio, one of the main problem they face is how to realize the communication with existed analog system, DMR sy...

CTET-99XS, advanced 4G LTE POC radio with DMR/analog mode, body camera and NFC

Contalk CTET-99XS is a revolutionaly device in crossband industry. The first of its kind to offer an integrated solution to professional users, including la...

The testing process of radio microphone

The speaker microphones have become vital solutions for users when they are using two way radio especially the mobile radio. Strict test of the remote speak...

Headset introduction from ContalkeTech

A look at the headset types for different applications. Knowing more about headset designs, types and purposes could help you choose the right earpiece.

ConVet Walkie-Talkie Cellphone

No boundary and distance communication. No boundary and distance communication. No boundary and distance communication. No boundary and distance communicati...

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