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ContalkeTech launch the most advanced POC to DMR Gateway CTET-ZLINK-4
May 30, 2019

ContalkeTech launch the latest POC to DMR gateway

ContalkeTech launch a new device gateway CTET-ZLINK-4 as a complete solution to realize the communication among POC to DMR/analog with reliability and flexibility.

POC to DMR gateway
ContalkeTech Gateway CTET-ZLINK-4

CTET-ZLINK-4 use advanced analog to digital signal processing technology to transfer the POC signal to DMR, and vice versa. There are 4 ports, each to a different system, like port 1 with Motorola DMR in and port 4 with POC radio in, these two of the terminals as transfer medium, the communication of the Motorola DMR and POC radio are realized.

Since ContalkeTech release the gateway, we have already participated in various projects to assist police station, railway station, security guards etc. to connect their wideband system and narrowband system, realizing the communication among POC to DMR, POC to PDT, POC to Tetra system etc.

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