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“Frequently Asked Questions”

3G/4G POC Radios

WCDMA 3G radios has been tested and used fine in most countries. But before you place an order, pls. confirm with us in advance. Since the frequency in different countries are various and we need to check which frequency version should be used and if stock available.
You should prepare the local SIM card and the APN information. Insert the SIM card to the walkie talkie and fill in the APN information on the programming software.
We support most popular WCDMA/GSM of most countries, but there are also some special frequency is out of range. So we advice our clients to confirm with us of the SIM card operator first.
We could program the radio before delivery. But sometimes the APN information is missed and buyers need to fill in by themselves via programming software. In this case, we will provide detailed programming operation manual as well as online technical support to assist buyers to finish the programming. As long as you follow our instruction, it will not be difficult.
Here we introduce each model in brief for you choosing the proper model.
92Plus is basic model using real-ptt platform. It is without screen and keyboard.
96Plus is with LCD screen and easy to use. It also use real-ptt platform.
98Plus support both 3G and UHF analog frequency. So if you already have an analog radio, it will be a good choice.
6810 is a 3G Wifi android radio, so it could also work under wifi hotspots. Furthermore, it supports both 3G and UHF analog frequency. APP installation are also supported. So this is one of our most popular model for personal buyers.
The WCDMA 3G radio works like this: the radio register in our server first and then connect to local 3G network. So our real-ptt platform provide network connecting to local data center and store datas like audio records, GPS tracking information etc. It annual cost is $12 for each account.
We provide dispatcher software for this service and only collect account charge which for login the dispatcher.

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