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“Frequently Asked Questions”

Bluetooth Walkie Talkie

GS88 is mainly used on environments where there are no mobile phone signal and no wifi, in which circumstances that you cannot reach your friends or family by mobile phone.
The GS88 could connect to mobile phone via bluetooth and provide a private network to mobile phone, and through an APP, you could use the mobile phone to communicate with others.
GS88 do not need use any cell tower, routers or satellites, it uses completely private network, so it is end-to-end encrypted and guarantee the safe communication. As long as the bluetooth connected, the network is stable.
In urban area, 2pcs of GS88 provide a communication range to 1.5-2km, in open filed it could reach 3-4km. More GS88 add in the network, wider range could be reached.
With GS88 connected and an APP, GS88 provide private talk, group talk, public broadcasting, text messaging, GPS locationing, SOS etc.
Users could download the off-grid map in APP in advance so that even without 3G 4G signal or Wifi, you could still check the GPS location of your friends and family and when get the urgent call, you could find their location immediately via APP.

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