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It is more than a push-to-talk two way radio. What ContalkeTech provide is a practical DMR radio which could be used in harsh environment or rainy days, with GPS track, bluetooth transfer, vibration and man-down.

From crowded shopping mall to noisy construction site, moving around the city for security patrol, ContalkeTech DMR radios penetrate all the crowds, buildings and noise to deliver the crystal and clear voice to you. Information is instantaneous.


ContalkeTech DMR radios and systems provide numerous possibilities, from satisfying a single-site use to realizing cross-city communication, from small team use to trunking system, we never stop our pursuit to explore more potential of DMR radios.



Together with repeater and dispatcher, ContalkeTech provide an integrated communication system, which provide the corresponding intelligence instantly to support field work efficiently and easily.


All DMR radio models.

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