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Type: portable

Technology: analog

Weight: 275g(9.7oz)
Dimension: 155(L)*60(W)*55(D)mm
Color: Black
Market: Consume

Application: Commercial/Restaurant/Hotel/Taxi/Outdoor Use etc.

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* Frequency range can be custom made based on the users’ requirements.
* Up to 12 km range ( 7.5 mile) depends on terrain and conditions.
* 16 channels combined with the privacy codes ( CTCSS/ DCS). Keep conversations on channel confidential and prevent interference from other radios.
* VOX allows the user to operate the radios hands-free (with optional headset, not included) and allows speakerphone operation, thus the user can keep on moving without having to stop to answer a call.
“* Push-to-talk power boost (PTT) to extend the transmission range by increasing the transmitter power output while saving battery life.”
* Time-outer-timer (TOT) to avoid overheating excessive power transistors of the transceiver.
* BCL (Busy Channel Lock) for preventing the user from disrupting communications of other users accidently on the same frequency.
“* Battery Saver to decrease the battery consumption when a signal is not being received and no operations are being performed.”
* Low Battery Warning for long-lasting use.
* Channel Scan to check channels for activity when function is activated.
* Kill, Stun
* IP66 water proof, traditional PCB board for higher penetration power
* Belt Clip to guarantee the security of your walkie talkie while on the go.
* Charger, rechargeable Li-ion batteries & antenna included (Pre-charged and ready-to-use.)
* 1 Year Warranty-optional accessories will be supplied freely if required.

Frequency Range UHF
Channel Capacity 16
Frequency(UHF) 400-480MHz
Channel Spacing 25kHz
Dimension (HxWxT) w 1500 mAh Polymer Li-ion Battery 155 x 60 x 55 mm (not include antenna)
Weight 275g (include antenna & battery)
Power Supply DC 7.4V 
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Frequency Stability (PPM)
(-30° C, +60° C, +25° C)
± 2.5ppm
Average battery life at 5/5/90 duty cycle with battery saver enabled in carrier squelch and transmitter in high power.
1500 mAh  Li-ion Battery Analog:  36 hrs
Analog Sensitivity(12dB SINAD) ≤0.2uV
Modulation Mode F3M
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60dB 
Noise Response  ≥60dB 
Receiver Current ≤100mA
Audio Output Power  ≥500mW
Audio Distortion @ Rated Audio <5% 
ETSI EN 300 086 standard testing
Output Power 5W
Maximum Deviation ±5.0kHz
Spurious power ≤7.5uW
 Frequency Modulation Distortion <5% 
Adjacent Channel Power 65dB
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -30 °C / +60 °C
Storage Temperature -40°C / +85 °C
* Specifications subject to change without notice. All specifications shown are typical.
No data available.
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