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ContalkeTech Walkie Talkie Bluetooth Headset Review
August 01, 2018 - Quanzhou, China

By Zack C.

Walkie talkies are widely used in many industries, like in commercial, in transportation, in security patrol etc., where uninterrupted, undisturbed, and unobstructed communications are required. Though with many benefits, holding a walkie talkie in hand and press the PTT button every time may cause inconvenience sometimes when the situation that two hands are occupied. A regular headset will help sometimes, however, the twisted cables are troublesome and you still need to carry the walkie talkie on around!

Well, Bluetooth headset for walkie talkie is getting more and more popular recently because of it really sets you hands free and there is no need to carry it around.

This review is for CTET-BH88 walkie talkie Bluetooth headset from ContalkeTech Co.,Ltd. There are quite some advantages of it, but also have several points need to be improved.

The advantages of this ContalkeTech product is quite vivid:

-The earpiece part of this ContalkeTech Bluetooth headset should be outsourced, I recognize it is a famous brand which considered as one of the best Bluetooth earpiece. This is very important, only use the best Bluetooth earpiece, the paring speed could be guaranteed and the voice remain same after through radio adaptor encoder. From my test result, the audio quality is remains perfect in both receiver and transmitter using this earpiece.

-the universal compatible adaptor. This is also a key point when I purchase walkie talkie Bluetooth headset. Some of the product in the market only works for Motorola radio, some only works for Kenwood radio, this ContalkeTech BH88 could work on mostly analog radio, Motorola, Kenwood, Midland etc. But pay attention to choose the right connector!

-The paring speed. It just take several seconds for the adaptor and earpiece get paired, and then you just need to press the PTT button to talk!

-Transmit Distance. If you put the radio on the deck and move around wearing the earpiece and PTT ring, you will find the radio still work after you are 7-8 meters far from radio. This bring much conveniences if you donnot want carry radio on.

However I don’t say this ContalkeTech BH88 is perfect. There are several points:

-This Bluetooth headset seems not work quite well on some DMR radio. Certainly this need to be improved since DMR radio users are increasing.

-The Bluetooth headset may be affected by surrounding electronic devices. If you intend to use it in a place where there are many electronic things, you need to pay attention, this Bluetooth headset may perform poorly there.

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