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Type: Air-acoustic Transparent
Color: Black
VOX: Optional
Customize Service: Yes
Compatibility: Various connectors available
Application: Hotel Service/Security/Transportation/Working Sites etc.

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    • Transparent parent acoustic tube offer pure clear audio communication
    • High quality earphone provides excellent private communication, noise canceling
    • 360 degree revolving metal clip for any direction wear, environmental friendly straight cable with reinforced Kevlar
    • Different types of PTT available. Compatible to all branded radios models by corresponding connectors
    • Fits directly into the year, ideal for security business, includes push-to-talk and VOX options.



      Dimension: Ø 15mm

      Sensitivity: 115dB±2dB (Single part)@1Kz

      Impedance: 32Ω

      Related Power:10mW


      Dimension: Ø6.0×5.0mm


      Impedance: 2.2K

      Related Current: 200mA


      Straight cable with reinforced 200D Kevlar

      Under 500g hoist, swaying angle 60° with speed

      35times per minute testing, life time over 10000times

      Coil cable available          


      Life time: 12000times (put in and take out)

      According to radio models, different connectors available.


    • M connector is suitable for Motorola radios: P080, GP300, GP308 and so on. More Motorola radios, please choose our M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 and M6 connectors.
    • For Kenwood, please choose our K connectors.
    • For Icome, please choose our S, S1, S2 and S3 connectors.
    • For Vertex/Yaesu, please choose our L, Y connectors.
    • For HYT/Hytera, please choose our H, H1 connectors.
    • For Wintec radios, please choose our W connectors.
    • For some other brand two way radios, with the model No. of the radio, we can give out our exactly suitable connector to compatible.
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