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Type: Mobile

Technology: 4G LTE 3G WCDMA

Weight: 1000g(39.6oz)
Dimension: 160(L)*165(W)*45(D)mm
Color: Black
Market: Professional

Application: Commercial/Restaurant/Hotel/Taxi/Outdoor Use etc.

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* Making and Receving Phone call 
* ACC Memory
* Dual SIM Card
* Audio Quality 4K and 8K optional
* GPS+GPS Ranging+Location Share
* Text Receiving
* 1000 Channels
Frequency LTE FDD/LTE TDD/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/                  EV-DO/CDMA 1X/GSM
Dimension 13.7*4.3*16cm
Weight 1.2kg
Screen  2.8inch(240*320)
Working Voltage 8V~36V
Power dissipation Standby: 120mA-300mA    max.: 800mA
Sensitivity -106dBm
Antenna 50Ώ
Serial port AT instruction
UIM Deck Level 1.8V/2.85V
GPS Sensitivity -152dBm
GPS Cold Start 5m(50% confidence)    10m(90% confidence)
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