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Name: Remote Speaker Microphone

Part Number: HMN3596A

Style: Handheld Microphone

Communication: Wired

Use: CB Radio/Mobile Radio

Color: Black

Material: PVC+ABS

Connector: 8pin RJ45


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    • Heavy Duty Design, Rugged Construction
    • Strong Reinforced PU cable & Durable Coil Cord, High Tensile Strength and Long-life Design
    • IP54 Waterproof Remote Microphone with Speaker
    • Omni-Directional Microphone & Electric Speaker Transmit High Quality Sound Even in Loud Environments
    • Wide PTT Key-press area, Convenient for Operating, Firm and durable housing, Strain relief cable ( replaceable) for maximum durability
    • Rugged Detachable(Replaceable) Swivel Clip
    • Various Connector Options available for Kenwood, Icom, Motorola, Vertex and etc.
    Color Black
    Weight 165 g
    Compatible Plug/Pin 8 pin RJ45
    Operation Temperature -30℃~65℃
    Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Compatible for radio MOTOROLA EM200, EM400;
    LCS2000, LTS2000;
    CM140, CM160, CM200,CM300, CM340, CM360;
    GR1125, GR1225, GR300, GR400, GR500, GTX Mobile;
    CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1550, CDM1550-LS, CDM1550LS Plus
    M10, M100, M120, M1225, M130, M200, M400, MaraTrac, MaxTrac;
    PM400, PRO3100, PRO5100, PRO7100, SM120, SM50, Sportbase.
    GM1100, GM1200, GM1280, GM140, GM160, GM2000, GM300, GM3188, GM338, GM340, GM350, GM360, GM3688,
    GM380, GM600, GM640, GM640, GM660, GM900, GM950
    MC2100, MC900, MCS2000, MCX1200, MCX2000, MCX600, MCX760, MCX780.
    Weight (packing included) 189 g    
    Size (packing included) 16 x 11 x 6 cm    
    Speaker Specs      
    Type  Transducer Moving coil dynamic speaker
    Dimensions 6 x 9 x 4cm
    DC Impedance 32Ω±15% @1KHz
    Sound Pressure Level 94dB ± 3dB @ (300-3K)Hz
    Rated input power  1W    
    Max. input power  Maximum 2W    
    Load Test 48 hours and 20~20KHz Resonant Frequency @2.83V Audio Singal
    Distortion 5% Max @1KHz    
    Microphone Specs      
    Type ECM Microphone    
    Sensitivity Range -36 ± 2dB/U=2.0V; R=2.2KΩ  
    Input Singal U=2.0V with Electric Sound Device Analyzer
    Impedance Max  2.2Ω     
    Frequency Response 20-1600Hz    
    Current Consumption Max Vcc=2.0V, RL=2.2kΩ 80-230 Ua  
    Operation Voltage Range  1.0V-10V (DC)    
    Max Sound pressure Level  115dB S.P.L  1 KHz THD<2%  
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